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Last modified: April 19, 2012

The ETA Expo has been quite an experience. ISOs came in droves, with one privately sharing with us that the past two days have generated a tremendous amount of business. Others have used the time less productively and at least one business development manager who sat this year out said he purposely did not go because there was “too much partying last year.”

You get out of it what you put in to it. Tony Syracuse, the Sr. VP of Sales for GBR Funding, is on the scene and says the expo is “a lot better than last year. The venue is a lot better. San Diego’s show was way too spread out.” He added, “It’s a good show overall. [There are] lots of ISO’s in attendance, both from the payments industry and merchant cash advance.”

Tony was nice enough to send us some additional photos of the show:

ETA Expo 2012 photos 1

ETA Photos by GBR Funding 2ETA Photos by GBR Funding 3ETA Photos by GBR Funding 4ETA Photos by GBR Funding 5ETA Photos by GBR Funding 6

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